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Making a culture of challenge and innovation on the basis of trust.

KOLON PEOPLEOne & Only way

One of the defining elements of our competence is those who put One&Only into practice.

  • One&Only Way is KOLON's core value that should be given top priority by all KOLON people.
  • 3 Ways forms the standards for all the decisions and actions of KOLON people and the strengths we ultimately aim to gain.
  • The 9 Practices stimulates the specific actions needed to bring One&Only Way into reality through daily activities.
  • First Choice of
    • Inspried by customers
    • Above expectation
    • Contribute to customer’s success
  • Uniqueness
    • Trend leader
    • Facilitate open collaboration
    • Initiate new challenges
  • Individual
    • Reach higher standards
    • Systematic action plan
    • Try my very best