Employment Information

Making a culture of challenge and innovation on the basis of trust.

KOLON Life Science implements annual salary in order to evade past personnel system of seniority,
and to better adjust to the new and changing environment.

Position system and Promotion year limitation
Assistant section Chief(3 years) / Assistant Manager(5 years) / Manager(5 years) / Deputy senior Manager(5 years) / Senior Manager
Evaluation system

Evaluation divides into two parts, performance and capacity evaluation.
Performance evaluation looks over visible achievements, which is related to personal performance-related bonus, and capacity evaluation evaluates the exhibition of the ability to act out of variety of individually possessed potentials, which is related to promotion, selection and education of outstanding individual.

Result evalution/Evaluation on visible achievement, Capacity evalution/Ability to act out of variety of individually possessed potentials

Compensation system

We practice performance-oriented compensation system, which compensates in correlation with performance of the individual and the group, and the profit for business performance is commensurate based on individual or group achievement.

Compensation system
Salary system Classification Reflected Factors
Basic annual salary Base pay+bonus+extension pay Position pay step
Performance pay Individual evaluation performance pay Performance assessment
PS(Profit Sharing) Headquarter and company achievement
PI(Performance Incentive)