Water Solution

Eco Friendly Chemicals

Product purpose
Besfloc is widely used in places, such as chemical,
food, leather, pharmaceutical, fiber, and dairy industry,
including waste and wastewater treatment’s plant settling
pond, sludge thickener, and float thickener.
Product purpose
Place of use Recommended product Purpose
Spermary, civil engineering, construction, steel, nonferrous metal Anion Pressurize and float, precipitation, inorganic
sludge dewatering
City sewage, dyeing, leather, chemical, paper light/medium Cation Cation organic sludge cohesion, dewatering
(belt press)
City sewage, livestock, human waste, food, electronic light/medium Cation Cation organic sludge cohesion, dewatering
(centrifugal dewatering)

Water treatment technology(cohesion treatment) coagulant polymerization technology

Polymerization technology where it adjusts ionic character, strength, and molecular weight according to individual characteristics by adding and polymerizing anion or cation monomer and assorted performance additives to acrylamide, and applying to city sewages and various industries’ (livestock, human waste disposal plant, steel, civil engineering, construction, nonferrous metal, dyeing, leather, chemical, paper, food, pharmaceutic, electronic, textile industry, etc) sludge separators and waste water treatment processes

Cohesion treatment technology : Sludge separating technology where it eases precipitation and flotation by making floc bigger through electronic charge neutralization and temporary cohesion effect using coagulant on floating solid substances within substances of sludge separator and water waste treatment. Technology which enhances sludge dewatering performance using high molecular coagulant for reutilization of sludge and ease of abrogation