Joong Ang Institute

  • Analytical

    FT-NMR(400MHz), FT-IR, HPLC, UPLC, GC, UV-VIS, Karl-Fischer, Polarimeter, Colorimeter,
    TMA, Melting point apparatus, TGA/DSC, GPC, PSD (Particle Size Distribution) analyzer,
    Moisture analyzer, PCD (Particle Charge Detector), FPA (Fiber Potential Analyzer),
    UF Filter system, Turbiscan

  • Lab-scale Facility

    • Pressurization reactor (1L, 300℃, 2000psi)
    • Synthesis reactor (10L, 15L)
    • Fermentor (7L, 30L)
    • Filter press (75mm, 200mm),
    • Homogenizer
    • Homomixer
    • Pilot mill
  • Polymer
    polymerization and
    evaluation system

    • Powder, emulsion and dispersion polymerization
    • Altered use available according to polymerization type
      (suspended, dispersed polymerization)
    • Product property evaluation
      (ionic character, viscosity, molecular weight, structure, etc)
  • Water waste
    evaluation system

    • Sewage treatment process analysis and optimal product selection