Joong Ang Institute

PharmaceuticGeneric API development, pharmaceutical intermediate product, CRO & CRAMS
  • Generic API development

    • Development and optimization for over 50 active pharmaceutical ingredients’ synthesis process – technical support for active pharmaceutical ingredients’ manufacturing process
    • Anticancer agent : Targeting treatment which restrains protein participating in cancer cell reproduction and growth
    • HPAPI : Pharmaceutic which shows vitality with minimum amount
    • Research development started 7 years before the launch of Generic API to establish competency

    Generic API development schedule

    Generic API development schedule
    STEP Y-7 Y-6 Y-5 Y-4 Y-3 Y-2 Y-1 D-Y
    Patent review, comparative analysis in progress
    Lab process test in progress
    Lab process optimization in progress in progress
    Impurity profile set up in progress in progress in progress
    Process Qualification in progress
    Validation of Analytical procedure in progress
    Process Validation in progress
    API Stability Study(Accelerated, Long-term) in progress in progress in progress in progress in progress in progress
    MF Registration, MA Application in progress in progress
    Launching in non-progress in non-progress
  • Pharmaceutical intermediate product

    Supply pharmaceutical intermediate product for economical manufacturing process and high concentration active pharmaceutical ingredient development

    Provides various active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediate products based on superb technical skills and facility
Environment materialAntibiotic preservative, sunblock, electronic material, functional cosmetic material
  • Antibiotic preservative

    For cosmetic
    • Antibiotic preservative for anti-dandruff shampoo
    • Preservative composition for wet wipe
    • Variety of(high concentration, plate type, metal free) pyrithione type of antimicrobial dispersion
    Industrial use
    • Ship paint eco-friendly, metal free antifoulant
    • Exterior paint antifoulant
  • Sunblock

    • Organic synthesis based sunblock, booster
    • Development of material processing technology (Organic blocker encapsulation, non-nano coating)
    • Sunblock composition
  • Electronic material

    • High refractive monomer BPF type material for display
  • Functional cosmetic material

    • Skin bioactive mechanism research based whitening, wrinkle, antiinflammatory, and moisturizing material
PolymerPolymer coagulant for waste water treatment, paper manufacturing process, other special use
  • Polymer coagulant for waste water treatment

    Waste water refining substance, a soluble polymer that uses acrylamide as the main ingredient, uses the same method as precipitation, filtering, and enrichment to condense pollutants suspended in waster water from various industrial waste water and sewage treatment
  • For paper manufacturing process

    During paper manufacture process, this poly-acrylamide type polymer substance grants proper floc and effective dewaterbility in order to allow main ingredients such as fiber and various additives(filler, sizing, dye, etc) remain on the sheet
  • Other special use

    Custom research developed poly-acrylamide type polymer substance which aims to refine variety of sewage occurring from lycoris, mining, river dredging, and EOR field