Bio Institute

  • Cell genetic treatment (Invossa)
    It is a method for creating transgenic cells by adopting genetics that discharge cell regenerating substance into allogenic cells (cells from others), and the genetics that discharge cell regenerating substance are manifested within transformed cells to play the role of regenerating damaged tissues. KOLON Life Science is currently developing new bio medicine using cells that contain substance which can heal degenerative arthritis

    Cell genetic treatment (Invossa)

  • Gene therapy
    Gene therapy is the method which delivers therapeutic genes to patients resulting in therapy or prevention of diseases. KOLON Life Science is developing novel therapeutic gene therapy for various diseases such as cancer or pain treatment

    Genetic treatment

    - Viral vector

    Effective therapeutic gene delivery can be performed using viral or non-viral vector. KOLON Life Science is in development of various types of viral vector which have specificity to its target region and efficient delivery of therapeutic gene. With our technique, we aims to become a global leader in bio therapeutic industry